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Zane has been a barber since 1971, then a barbershop owner and a barber school instructor. She became the executive director of the Massachusetts Board of Barbers in 1988 and still holds that position. Zane served on the National Association of Barber Boards of America for five years and was President of the association in 1999; she still serves on that boards executive committee. In 2006 she was asked to be Vice Chairman of the Advisory Committee for the newly formed Barbers International and holds that position to this date. She has worked with Milady Publishing on the revision of the last barber text book and also on the present one about to be published by the end of 2009. Zane worked with the Massachusetts Department of Corrections on re-establishing the prison barber schools in 1989 and does all the exams for the inmates so they may become licensed while incarcerated. This allows the men , in many cases, to accomplish their first goal on their way to a career once they have been released. Her life has been dedicated to the preservation of barbering in her home state and throughout the country and ,with Barbers International, the world. In her private life she was involved in the Big Sister organization for ten years and has worked with various other charities. Ms. Skerry continues to love the field of barbering and even has a five inch tattoo of a barber pole on her left arm to prove it! In the summer of 2008 Zane wrote a Rap song that was recorded by one of the Massachusetts barber/ rap artists, Tarrod Dobbins. In the following several verses the rap goes as follows: Yo Yo Yo…Check it out , check it out! Since time began in the history of man There was THE BARBER! He cut your hair, he shaved your face, He did it all with style and grace! THE BARBER! He was the first dentist and the doctor too that’s Why the pole ‘s red and white and blue… Red for the bandages drying in the breeze, Blue for the veins in later histories…. He now spends his time with you and me, making Us look good for the hotties! If you tell him your troubles he’ll tell you his troubles too. And if you are loyal to him he is loyal to you! THE BARBER! If you ever need help he is there in a flash, Giving help with his muscles and help with his cash…. If you think that I love the work that I do, you would be Right on cause I’m a barber too!!! With respect for all the barbers , “Lady Z” In 2007 Ms. Skerry was awarded the distinct honor of being the first woman to be inducted into the Barbers Hall of Fame. She feels she is in the company of barber royalty with the likes of A.B. Molar, Mathew Andis, John Oster, Edmond Roffler, William Marvy, Ed Jeffers and many more of the men that have made our profession so honored. Last year the second woman, Maura Scali-Sheahan, who has been the key revisionist for Milady Publishing for many years, was also inducted.

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Born Tina Renee’ Knighten in the small town of Marshall, Texas December 30, 1969. Twenty-two years later in September of 1991, I enrolled in Valarie Hurds’s Beauty & Barber College and Ms Tina was born. The decision to become a barber was not my own, it was my destiny. I was trying to enroll in cosmetology school. When I walked into the school I was informed that the beauty program had been terminated but I could still enroll into the barber program. I can remember this being the first time I heard the statement: a barber can do everything a cosmetologist can do and more. In disbelief I turned and walked away. All of the barbers that I knew of were men. This alone did not send me an invitation to enter into the barber profession. The word barber, the long shears, and the thought of being around so many men intimidated me. After a long talk with my mother Etta Hooper Knighten, my decision was made. I would become a barber. I returned to the school the next day and enrolled. Enrolling in barber school changed by life. I can remember the timid girl I once was. Sometimes I miss her, but she could not have made it this far. As Ms. Tina my journey has been long, hard, and sometimes even lonely. Fighting for the right to be heard as a female barber, proving that the female barber is worthy of respect, and surpassing many males to climb all the way to the top of the barber profession. I would like to thank my mother, my students, and all the people that have supported me. The She Barber. I must say it is not as easy as it looks but it is as fierce as it sounds. It take a special kind of woman to wear the shoes of a female barber. Respect is not something you can demand, it is earned.

The ethnic beauty business estimated to total $400 million makes a significant contribution to the $1.8 billion beauty and barber business overall. Beauty salons and Barber shops have not experienced a decline overall in the uncertain economic times. Many consumers feel it is an affordable luxury, and yet others believe that it is as necessary as eating, sleeping, and grooming on a daily basis. In Houston, this fact is evidenced by the ongoing interest and growth of the barber industry, and in this month’s tribute to women barbers. Betty Smith Mark, aka Mother Nature, is one such dynamic ‘lady barber’ with over 30 years of experience training, practicing, and educating stylists and barbers world wide. In one of her current roles as educator for Namasté Laboratories, makers of Organic Root Stimulator; Betty has come to advocate a natural and organic approach to men’s skin care. She does this by promoting the Organic Root Stimulator Tea Tree Oil Anti-Bump system. The Tea Tree Oil Anti-Bump system is the only natural solution to razor bumps and clipper irritation available. Nature’s Australian Tea Tree Oil was tapped to create the anti-bacterial and skin conditioning system. As you probably know, bacteria is a major catalyst to razor bumps and skin irritation. The other is excessive coarse, curly hair. The Tea Tree Oil Anti-Bump system works by cleansing the skin and softening the beard hair, naturally. It is important to avoid harsh, abrasive products that perform the same function, but further damage or dry out the skin. To revitalize the innovative system, Namasté recently enlisted the endorsement of Keedar Whittle, former host of BET’s Hell Date. Why? He is a satisfied customer! He believes that, unlike Hell Date, “razor bumps are no joke,” but that they require serious care. Then, he adds, “with the proper use, your dates will all thank you too!” This kind of testimonial makes the curriculum easy for the Southwest United States first lady of beauty & barbering Betty Smith Mark. “Just try,” urges Betty. She has taught at every barber school in the region, and the many other serious remedies that Organic Root Stimulator hair care company provide to the market. The region is better cared for as a result.

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