The Formula - Episode 13 | The Afro
In this episode of The Formula Ronnie Mack takes you behind the cut with "The Afro" demonstrating how to cut a proper Afro.

#1 Pick the hair out from the ends down to the roots, So you don't pull or break the hair. When the hair is combed correctly, this will create an even length around the head.

#2 Once combed out, shape the uneven lengths freehanded with the clippers. Focus with a light hand and precise movements, so you don't remove too much hair.

#3 Tapering the hair in the temporal area will give the style a cleaner and more rounded appearance. How high you cut the taper will depend on the customer’s preference, along with your suggestions.

#4 Rounding the hair above the forehead will create a clean edge-up and complete the shape. So with this technique follow the hairline down into the temporal area, and continue this around the ear into the nape of the neck.

#5 Repeat step one. Comb out any remaining long hairs and cut these uneven areas. This can be achieved with control when using a pair of afro shears or the clippers if more comfortable. This will ensure a great finished afro.

#6 Edge up the perimeter of the afro to the customer’s liking. The forehead can either have square or rounded corners and, the line on the neck can be square, rounded or have a combination of the two.


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