The Formula - Episode 11 | Gaurd Positions
In this episode of The Formula Ronnie Mack takes you behind the cut with guard positions demonstrating how to cut a proper low pro fade.

#1 After shaving cream was applied, proceed to shave the hair off. Use a steady hand and even pressure, with the razor at a twenty-two degree angle. The free hand will be pulling skin taut to avoid cutting the patron.

#2 The top of the head is cut to the length of 1/8th aka #1 guard, against the grain for even length.

#3 The length of hair between the 1/8th guard and razor, is blended with a 1/16th guard. Continually use your adjustable lever to create the blend.

#4 Blend the bottom line created from the razor, with no guard on the clipper. Manipulate the lever and angles of the clippers while you blend into the 1/16th length.

#5 Use the edger’s to blend in that stubborn razor line. It will be necessary to stretch the skin while changing the angled approach with the edgers.

#6 Finish this medium-high razor fade with a hard crisp edge up. Remember, if the edge up has a lean, the cut is not clean.


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