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Chemistry in team sports is so important because it allows everyone to function as one to complete a common task. This unity of different personalities works in any area of business.  The Barber business holds true to this fact. From the moment you walk into a shop, you’ll know if this model of compatibility is in place. American Shave Classic Barbershop exemplifies this model. The atmosphere is light with a hint of excitement in the air. The clean, spacious work environment allows for staff members to reach their full potential in this comforting setting. A Barbershop is not just the look alone. The personnel must rival that of a Championship Team. There must not be any animosity, disrespect or selfishness throughout or the core mission is lost. American Shave has a mission that’s simple but effective. American Shave is not your regular shop, American Shave is a movement. This movement could only be realized with a Perfect Fit of individuals in place to carry out its mission. Let’s meet this team and what they bring to the table.


Against The Grain Magazine Episode 16 Cover 1
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xotics by Curtis Smith
The Barbettes
The Barber Academy
SHOP 101
Mr. Fademup
There are so many Barbershops in most major cities in the U.S, but many don’t generate a huge bottom line that others do. Why? My opinion is that the "BARBER LOVE" has disappeared from many individuals vocabulary or has never been in it. Read More
The Queen
Q. Which brand of trimmers do you prefer for sharp crispy edge ups?
A. I prefer the Wahl Detailers. It has a clean, close t-edge blade that allows you to detail to perfection.
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How do you convey the art of male grooming to the average male in the barber shop? It’s not just your average haircut.

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